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Online course: Visualizing the Netflix Titles dataset

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a web data application to visualize the Netflix Movies and TV Shows dataset provided by Shivam Bansal in Kaggle. This video showcases the application in action.

You can also interact directly with the generated application following this link.

Building the app step by step

Upload the finished application to ChartFactor Studio following the steps below:

  1. Clone the ChartFactor Studio Applications project

    git clone

  2. Open ChartFactor Studio and use the "Import" function on the top right of the ChartFactor Studio home page to select the cfs/Netflix Titles App.cfs file in the cloned project

  3. Click on the imported application to visually interact with the data

The previous step also creates the ChartFactor Elastic connection to our OpenSearch data engine which you will need to create the application by yourself.

Now follow the video below to build the application step by step: