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ChartFactor Studio CLI


This is an Enterprise feature.

ChartFactor Studio CLI is a javascript command line tool that converts an exported file from ChartFactor Studio (cfs file) to a native web application, including all the necessary dependencies.

The input can be a specific cfs file or a folder containing multiple cfs files. When the input is a single cfs file, the generated application is similar to what users see when they open that cfs file in ChartFactor Studio. The following is a picture of an application generated from a single cfs file:

Image of app generated from single cfs file

When the input is a folder containing multiple cfs files, the CLI tool generates a multi-tab application where each tab corresponds to a cfs file. Users can interact with data on one tab and the other tabs synchronize to those actions. So for example, if users apply a filter on one tab, the other tabs will also apply that same filter across sources and drill-down if applicable. The following is a picture of an application generated from three cfs files. Notice the three tabs on the top right corner, each corresponding to a cfs file found in the input folder.

Image of app generated from multiple cfs files


Expand the distributed zip file for your operating system, move to the newly created cf_studio_cli-{os} folder and execute the cf_studio_cli command. To list the available options, you can type ./cf_studio_cli --help.


The Command Line Interface receives two required arguments and one optional argument. The first argument -i points to a single CFS file or a folder with multiple CFS files. The second argument -o is the output folder to generate the standalone web application. The third argument -s is optional and points to the auth.json file used in ChartFactor Studio when integrating user authentication. Refer to Integrating user authentication for more information on this topic.


./cf_studio_cli -i /Desktop/app.cfs -o /Desktop/project/app
./cf_studio_cli -i /Desktop/sources -o /Desktop/project/app
./cf_studio_cli -i /Desktop/app.cfs -o /Desktop/project/app -s /Desktop/project/auth.json


  • -V, --version output the version number
  • -i, --input source file or directory to transform
  • -o, --output directory where the application will be written. It can be a new folder.
  • -s, --security path to the security configuration JSON file
  • -h, --help output usage information