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This is an Enterprise feature.

  • Select the main Studio button on the lower right corner of the dashboard to open the New Data Provider dialog
  • Select Snowflake
  • Enter the data provider information:
    • Name: This is the name that ChartFactor Studio will use to refer to your data provider within your visualizations
    • Account: The account id. Is the same id found in the url used to access the Snowflake console.
    • User: A valid user within the above account
    • Password: The password of the user above
  • A picture of the data provider window with sample information is below.


  • Select the SAVE button

CORS for Snowflake

Please contact Snowflake to enable CORS for your domain on your Snowflake instance. Additionaly you can set up a reverse proxy to the Snowflake URL. For testing purposes, you can disable CORS validations from your web browser. Here is how to do it in Chrome. For Safari you need first to enable de develop menu and then Check "Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions" from it.