Google BigQuery

  • Select the main Studio button on the lower right corner of the dashboard to open the New Data Provider dialog
  • Select Google BigQuery
  • Enter your Google Cloud (GC) project ID. Please refer to GC's documentation for information on how to obtain your GC project ID.
  • A picture of the data provider window with sample information is below.


  • Select the SAVE button

  • Now select the newly created BigQuery Data Provider in the Data Providers window
  • Select Data Sources. If you are not authenticated to Google Cloud, you will see the window below:



Your browser prevents the authentication pop-up window to open the first time you try to authenticate. Make sure to select Allow pop-ups for when the browser notifies you of this event. See the picture below.


  • Provide your GC credentials. After that, you will be able to see your GC project's datasets and tables.