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When you use Databricks as a data source with ChartFactor Studio, you can provide powerful interactive analytics, bringing to your business analysts the contributions of your data scientists and data engineers while scaling to massive datasets. Your business analysts can also share their interactions and insights with a larger audience by generating web applications that they can publish in a web server.

This article features ChartFactor Studio Desktop.


Connecting to ChartFactor Studio Desktop

Follow these instructions to connect to a cluster or SQL warehouse with ChartFactor Studio Desktop.

  1. Download ChartFactor Studio Desktop
  2. Select New > App
  3. Select the blue button on the lower right corner of the page to open the New Data Provider dialog
  4. In the list of data providers, select Databricks
  5. Enter the following:

    a. Name: This is the name that ChartFactor Studio will use to refer to your data provider within your visualizations

    b. Host: This is the Server host name specified in your SQL Warehouse connection details page

    c. Warehouse ID: This is the last part of the HTTP path specified in your SQL Warehouse connection details page

    d. Databricks access token: This is your personal Databricks personal access token

  6. Save your data provider by selecting the SAVE button

You should now be able to select your newly configured Databricks data provider to visualize your data sources.

There is no need to refresh anything to keep your data up to date in your applications, data updates in real time.

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