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Custom queries

You can access custom queries for Google BigQuery, Snowflake and SparkSQL by selecting a data provider from the data provider's list and then selecting Custom Queries.

custom queries menu

Creating a new query

You can add a new custom query by clicking on the plus "+" button located on the top right corner of the Custom Queries dialog.

custom queries list

This opens a window to create a Custom Query as shown below.

new custom query

Type the name and then your SQL query. After this we can click on the Execute button to run it. If everything goes ok, you should see the results in a table like this:

executed query

If there are errors caused by a wrong SQL query or any other reason, the error is printed in the results area. In the example below, catgroup was mistyped to catgroupp to render an error message. You can expand or collapse the results window by clicking on the caret down icon above the results area in case you'd like to have more room to edit your query.

executed query error

You can save your query by clicking on the Save button. After that, your query will be listed under the Custom Queries menu in the providers list:

new query created

Editing a custom query

You can edit existing queries by clicking the pencil icon near the query name. A window will open where you can modify your query.

To preview the query results of an existing query, click the Execute button again.

Deleting a custom query

To delete a query, click on the pencil icon and then click the Delete button. A confirmation message will appear. Confirm if you'd like to proceed with the deletion.