ChartFactor Toolkit
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Standard Visualizations
 Area Line
 Bars And Line
 Box Plot
 Custom Chart
 Floating Bubbles
 Heat Map
 Nested Pie
 Packed Bubbles
 Scatter Plot
 Tree Map
 Tree Map 2D
 Vector Map
 Word Cloud
Table Visualizations
 Pivot Table
 Raw Data Table
Network Charts
Geo Map Charts
 Geo Map Markers
 Geo Map Shapes
Interactive Components
 One-click filters and drill-ins
 Time Slider
 Text Search
 Range Filter
 Time Bar
 Time Picker
Data Providers
 Google BigQuery
Studio CLI
Unlimited apps
No attribution
 Knowledge Base
 Live Demos
 Community Forum
 Business hours support coverage
 Response times Critical: 6 hrs
L2: 1 day
L3: 2 days
Critical: 4 hrs
L2: 1 day
L3: 2 days
 Priority email support
 Dedicated support contact
 Emergency patches