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ChartFactor 1.8

October 30, 2018

  • Google BigQuery
    • Includes support for nested array structures
  • Visualization packages built as npm modules
  • Markdown text widget
  • Data Providers auto test improvements with baseline dataset across SQL and NoSQL providers
  • Derived fields support at the aggregate level for calculated metrics and attributes
  • Count distinct support across providers
  • Elasticsearch data provider improvements
  • Donut visualization improvements when grouping by time
  • Performance testing and improvements
  • AQL validation improvements
  • Data visualization watermarks for Community Edition
  • Documentation and Live Examples website supporting multiple versions
  • Community website for user discussions
  • ChartFactor download pages with license agreement functionality
  • ChartFactor home page improvements
  • ChartFactor website security improvements to prevent access to all its components before launch

Known Issues

  • Floating Bubbles fail on SQL-based data providers when the two group attributes are the same and only one metric is selected. Solution is to select different attributes for the two groups.
  • Trend Attribute Values visualization displays count metric twice in tooltips
  • Studio: manually removing a filter element in the Code Editor, is not removing that filter from the visual. The workaround is to close the editor and remove the value using the Filter Control.

ChartFactor 1.7

August 8, 2018

  • New Data Visualizations
    • KPI and Gauge visualizations
    • Heat Map visualization
    • Sunburst visualization
    • Word Cloud visualization
    • Packed Bubbles visualization
    • Box Plot visualization
    • Floating Bubbles visualization
    • Histogram visualization
  • Dremio data provider
  • Improvements and fixes across SQL-based providers
    • Nulls on main group in multi-group aggregation was not included
    • Limit in multi-group aggregation was not respected
  • Auto tests of data providers enriched with multi-groups, time aggregations, and different sort criteria
  • Filter Control drill-in functionality
  • Range Filter editable limits
  • Slicer component

ChartFactor 1.6

June 8, 2018

  • Data providers as npm modules that can run independently either on the browser or on the server
  • Client filter implementation for Vector Map and Trend Line use cases
  • Range Filter component
  • Auto-unit tests for data providers
  • Disk visualization improvements to support multiple metrics
  • New Data Visualizations
    • Grouped Bars
    • Multiple-metric Bars
    • Multiple-metric Trend Lines
    • Horizontal Bars
  • Pivot Table improvements for range filters
  • Vector Map improvements for better color support
  • Negative validations and unit tests
  • End-to-end auto-test improvements

ChartFactor 1.5

April 17, 2018

  • Search component with support of Lucene Query Syntax to work with the Elasticsearch data provider
  • Raw data table term highlighting feature
  • Improved Disk visualization to match hours received in a clock fashion
  • Pivot table implementation
    • Includes row, column, and full totals
    • Supports all data providers
    • Full featured demo in website with draggable rows and columns
  • Improved themes and palettes support
  • Vector map visualizations with out-of-the-box shapes for World Countries and US States
  • Raw Data Table formatting improvements for numbers, timestamps, and strings
  • Studio improvements of look and feel, and home page functionality
  • Studio reload of charts without resetting them
  • Studio themes support
  • Studio Pivot table integration with Filter Control support

ChartFactor 1.4

January 9, 2018

  • AQL (Aktive Query Language) for RDT (Raw Data Table) should allow to bring all fields by default and ability to exclude a few of them
  • Implemented scalable way to update charts options
  • Implementation to allow injecting data to charts as an option when data needs to be obtained separately
  • ElasticSearch Provider
    • Most visualization supported
    • Date range filters
    • Min, max, sum, avg aggregations
    • Sort by time (ascending) in AQL
    • Support count distinct aggregation
    • Support source wildcards at the CF level
    • Area line y-axis label fix (same issue across providers)
  • Network visualization implementation
  • Time Range Filter (TRF) widget.  Support all time granularities and drill-in.
  • Time Range Picker (TRP) with presets and time player.  It works together with the  TRF.

ChartFactor 1.3

October 21, 2017

  • Calculated fields support for Zoomdata provider
  • Added release tag to header in minified js file. Release tag is a timestamp in the format 20171115 14:42 UTC
  • Pivot query is using the wrong source. Making sure it uses the source specified in the AQL
  • React demo
    • Line Trend Attribute Values: turning labels off and on changes the size of the chart.  It should be left with its original size.
    • ReferenceError: BigNumberFormatter is not defined when removing labels from Line Trend Attribute Values
    • Edit dialog resizing: Data/Settings/Color bar is rendered over the dialog header.  Also, text is rendered over the dialog header bar.
    • Added arrow with animation to call users’ attention, telling them they can use the Edit button to change the chart settings.
  • Datazoom bar default position is too close to x-axis labels on Line Trend Attribute Values and Area Line charts

ChartFactor 1.2

September 21, 2017

  • Pivot query implementation for Zoomdata provider
  • Legend support for metric coloring
  • Tooltips correctly formatted as integer with comma separator when applicable
  • Implementation for bars, pie, donut, trend attribute values, scatter, tree map
  • Initial support for the Zoomdata provider
  • Implemented events that developers can listen to when building functionality across charts
  • Implemented how to interact with chart options (colors, legends, axis properties, marklines)
  • Legend support
    • Formatter
    • Color configuration
    • Positioning
    • More option
  • AQL functions for Raw Data query

ChartFactor 1.0-1.1

August 4, 2017

  • Initial Bars implementation
  • Initial events that developers can listen to when building functionality around bars
  • Developed metadata specification for toolkit and added example using our SparkSQL demo server
  • Complete all AQL functions
    • Multi-group window (up to 2 for now)
    • Filters, including time filters
    • Time granularities